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Overwatch The Masquerade: Malkavian Junker :iconoratherebelkitsune:OraTheRebelKitsune 11 61
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Ja ide, ty idziesz...
„Ja idę,
Ty idziesz,
On, ona, ono idzie...”
Tylko gdzie idę ja?
Dokąd idzie każdy z nas?
Czy kiedyś zboczymy z własnej ścieżki?
„a2 + b2 = c2...”
Ale czy c2 da się zjeść?
Czy b2 pozwoli mi się gdzieś przespać?
Czy a2 pocieszy mnie i wesprze,
gdym jest w dołku straszniejszym
niż czarna dziura w kosmicznej zupie?
„Wierzę w Boga, Ojca Wszechmogącego,
Stworzyciela Nieba i Ziemi...”
Ale dlaczego zostawił swe jaśniejące i sprawiedliwe dzieło,
dając je pochłonąć zębom czasu i gorejącego zła?
I nic.
Słychać tylko szczęk łańcuchów formalności,
Jęki półprawd
I szepty manipulacji.
Prawdziwa nauka
i szczenięca ciekawość
Nie kończą się
Za trupio zimnymi murami
cmentarza pogrzebanego krwawo Ja,
Za warownią żółkniej
:iconoratherebelkitsune:OraTheRebelKitsune 2 12
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Becoming a woman in the candlelight by OraTheRebelKitsune
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Becoming a woman in the candlelight :iconoratherebelkitsune:OraTheRebelKitsune 4 37
Die Liebesvoegel: The Lovebirds by OraTheRebelKitsune
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Die Liebesvoegel: The Lovebirds :iconoratherebelkitsune:OraTheRebelKitsune 8 16
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I see that this artist was inspired both from MLP: FiM episode "Castle Mania" and the "Castlevania", which is oldschool computer game. ...

The first thought, which came to my mind by watching this pic first time, was "ZOMG! What is it?!" But after seeing some details, I've ...

Simple reminder - I still take PayPal commissions! Details are here:
  PayPal Commissions - OPEN!Here's The Rebel.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have the good news for you - I'm starting my own PayPal commissions. You'll ask me "Why did you decide to do that, to announce us you want to set the commisions right here, right now?" And my answer is: I'm sorry I hadn't been posting any journals and any of the tweets, posts on FB, whatever. I was attending to the soft skills training course during the last month to develop my skills, which are needed for the job market. I decided to take part of it after the unsuccessful attempts to get the work for over the last six - seven months at the Job Office in my city. And they were finished in the end of March and I'm waiting now for the date of the medical check - ups to continue my training at the driver's license schcool. And during that wait, I was wondering what I'm gonna do in my life after all the planning, communication, achieving goals lessons I go and what I'm also gonna do during the rest of my life. And I realized I can use that knowledg

Here's The Rebel.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm writing this journal after the few weeks of taking driving lessons and having usual life chores and habits. I know I was absent during this gap in DeviantART, but I try at least to be alive by commenting and responding to the comments written by the friends and the other users and react to the messages. And I also owe one user, :iconck-was-here:, the review of the app I was also testing for the last few weeks as the part of the challenge I took from him, that means I suggested him playing Sailor Moon Drops on Google Store, and I had to play in return Trivia Crack from the same store and write a review of the mentioned game in my own journal to get the possibility to have a request pic, fic or whatever it'll be done by :iconck-was-here:. The details are here:……

Well, I haven't written any review of anything in my journals, just some simple reflections about my life, but this will be the first time... Just like trying to run the car and steer it... Eheheheh... ^^;

So, where do I have to start? Ah yeah, I have to describe someone who hadn't used it before what's all about. Trivia Crack's the gaming app done by Etermax company and it's the trivia game when you have to answer correctly for the questions to get the goodies – the details of the gameplay and mechanics will be described later. There are two versions of it: free one and ad – free one. And because I was the greedy Air Pirate vixen like hell, I chose the free one.

When I finally installed the mentioned game on my Huawei smartphone (its' size is 277 MB, so it's relatively huge, but not so big as the Facebook one :/) and opened it for the first time, the colours of rainbow with a smiling wheel of fortune and the cute and nicely welcoming musical jingle introduced me into the world of the safe, family – friendly entertainment and knowledge development... I guessed so... Everything I see on the app menu – new game, Trivia Rush, the number of lives, coins and diamonds, if there's my turn or the opponent's one and the finished games, etc. is readable and simple. The same's with the turquoise toolbar with the home settings, chat with the opponents, shop, achievements and the remaining options. So I click the „New Game” button and I see the game type settings – the language of questions, the classic game or the challenge one modes, the game with random players or my Facebook friends. I chose English language, the classic game with a random player and I start the fun... Let's hope it'll be fun.

So, I've got the turn and I have to turn the wheel of fortune, which contains six categories of questions represented by its mascots: Art – red painting brush named Tina, Sports – the orange football called Bonzo, History – tiny yellow helmeted knight, Hector, Science – the green test – tube Albert, Geography – the blue globe, Tito, and Entertainment – the pink box of light pink popcorn named Pop. I'm surprised the creators of Trivia Crack decided to create the mascots, but I understand this aesthetic choice is purely for the children, because kids love anthropomorphized objects and animals and stuff. I don't mind that, because they're designed neatly and they look friendly. And there's the purple piece with a yellow crown on it. It's the bonus question time where you can choose one of the mentioned mascots, answer for the more difficult question and win it if you do it correctly. You can also achieve it if you answer correctly for the three questions of any category in row. If you answer for the fifty questions in row, no matter if it's during the one game, or the few last ones, you get the one diamond. What's all that for? I'll tell you later.

Well, if you get all of the mascots before the opponent, you win the entire game and get the three coins. You can also win if the opponent misses the time limit (it's usually 2 days) to take his or her turn. But, if you answer wrong for the current question, you lose the turn and the opponent has his or her turn. You lose the entire game and lose one heart, that means one life, either you don't use the time limit to take your own turn or you get less mascots than the other player. I don't mind that.

So what are the hearts, coins and diamonds for in this game? The hearts are the lives, that's obvious. And coins and diamonds are for the purchasing things. With coins, you can get the help opitions (the bomb one, which eliminates two of the four possible answers, second chance and skipping the harder questions) and the decorations for the profile photo. And with diamonds, you get the special collecting cards with the usual app mascots and the exclusive Kingdoms ones at the cards menu resembling the vending machines. Thanks to them, you get the additional lives, coins and diamonds. Wait... so that's why the lives don't regenerate by themselves to the current number, and I have to wait up to few days to grind them along the coins and diamonds by using the cards?! Damn it, that's unfair! I'd rather wait the hour or the half of the hour to play again like normal person than to grind the few fucking hearts like the idiot!... Ah, phew. And I thought it's gonna be fun. :/

And when you got the proper amount of coins, you can enter in the Trivia Rush – the competetive mode, in which you can get the prize of larger amount of coins. Interesting, but there's one obstacle – if you win the tournament, the prize for the help options during the classic game will rise up. Greedy, isn't it? So, when you don't have enough coins, the classic games bores you more and more and you can't enter the Trivia Rush, there's one nitpicky way to get them and diamonds... Yes, I'm telling about the microtransaction and buying it with the real money. Are you fucking crazy?! I don't have enough zlotys and dollars to waste it on your miserable shit! Wraaaah! :angry: And yet some people say the microtransactions in Overwatch are bad... But I'd rather win the lootboxes to get the skins and the other not – affecting – in – game cosmetics and the credits to buy them than to pay the real money for the stupid hearts, coins and diamonds! And during the Overwatch matches, the pop – up ads don't appear so much like in this fucking game! :/ Damn, I'm seriously getting sidetracked and I have to come back to the essence of this review.

Ok, where was I? Ah, yeah, I remeber. I was telling earlier the questions can bore you quickly if you have got the large portion of the knowledge and / or you played it for the longer time than a week. So the dearest creators of Trivia Crack prepared the options to create the new questions, translate ones into our mother tongues and rate the existing ones. Great, isn't it? But there's another problem – in the Polish version (yes, I played it also on this language), the badly translated questions are getting faster in the game than the cleverly made – up ones, and even with the reporting question option, it seems like the creators don't respond to the several reports I have sent! Grrrr...

So, in conclusion, Trivia Crack appears to be the relaxing, aesthetically neat and family – friendly game, when you can develop your own knowledge of the world and remind the facts and informations you forgot. You can also remind the knowledge of English by translating the questions and playing in the language version from the country of Trump and Big Macs. That's fine and I appreciate that, but if you play this game for the long time (I reached the 30th level to be able to review this app), it gets boring very quickly. And the fact the microtransactions and pop – up ads appear on much greedier way than Scrooge McDuck's fortune, gets on my nerves and makes me be disgusted of this game more and more. But that's just my opinion. You can try the app from the Etermax on your own, but don't expect the miracle and the land of make believes (that phrase reminded me the old song I used to listen to ;) ).

The Rebel's out.

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I'm deeply into Talespin, Overwatch, SWAT Kats and anime.

I've gotta also second account, older (mainly for LU crappy art):
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Rainbow Dash

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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How Mature Do You Think?
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What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
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